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Connection Course Mark Manson Torrent ✦✦✦
Back in 2014, I created three courses that have helped tens of thousands of people: Dating and Relationships, Overcoming Anxiety, and Networking Courses.
I have studied dozens of books on how to build deep relationships, how to succeed in them, how to connect with people and run a business at a high level. I myself have read most of the books covered in these courses.
Over the years, I have figured out many matters that absolutely everyone is interested in.
I knew something, but had no idea about the huge layer of knowledge and practices that Sex.Ru offers its clients.
Over the years I have accumulated knowledge, convinced myself of everything from my own experience and tested many "eternal" truths in practice.
And everything that you are about to read here will give you practical tools to achieve success in business and relationships.
After all, the results that our business gives should be visible immediately, and not later.
This is where our business begins - with a clear understanding of what can be achieved with our services.
In this book, you can learn how to make everything you dream of become a reality for you!
From the author
Dear friends!
I dont just want to dedicate this book to you after all, you also came to Sex-Room, you also begin your journey into this world.
Did you know that in a state of orgasm, the body produces endorphins - substances that have a relaxing effect on a person?
Endorphin reduces anxiety, a person feels more comfortable.
Too many people fail to achieve orgasm because of anxiety, insecurity, fears.
Because in our world there are many fears, addictions, fears before they will do something wrong, before a person does not achieve success, love and stability.
All these fears prevent us from truly relaxing and enjoying the orgasm that comes naturally.
Endorphins, which are responsible for this state, are produced so much that a minute or two a day is enough for their accumulation.
During these minutes, you can choose how to relax - and then the orgasm will come much faster.
The main thing is to do it right.
You should be able to reach orgasm ten minutes after you start having sex, and to do this, you will need to learn how to perform the same sequence of movements as during vaginal orgasms. f02ee7bd2b